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Rent canvases

With our screens, nothing stands in the way of your event success. Take advantage of our rentals and save for things other than investing in the purchase of presentation space! You can round off the visual experience by renting a screen to match our projectors. Whether tripod canvas, suitcase canvas or frame picture canvas, offers selected products to meet your needs.

We offer different sizes from 1.80 m to 5.18 m wide. There are no limits to the individual size of your presentation area and visibility.

Rent suitable for your purpose
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Why should you rent from us?

Extensive product selection

Huge hardware selection ranging from high-performance notebooks to LED screens

Fit for purpose

Suitable product selection for trade fairs, home offices, theaters, etc. compiled based on years of experience and user recommendations

Individual rental period
and variety of brands

Whether short-term or long-term rental, we have all leading manufacturers and a sufficient selection of equipment for the rental period in our range

Software and network service

Appropriate software installations or setup, dismantling, commissioning and on-site support for events make our service unique

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Our employees are at your disposal.

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