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We have been turning events into technology showcases for over 35 years.

  • As one of the first providers in this field, we started renting computers and IT equipment as early as 1985 under the former company name Geosoft J. Wagner GmbH. Service, reliability and high-quality standards were already among our main principles back then.
  • The computer rental unit has been continuously growing since 1986 and capacity was greatly expanded by moving to new, significantly larger premises at the end of 2000.
  • We did this to lay down the foundation to securely serve the rapidly increasing demand.
  • At the beginning of 2006, the basis for further expansion was laid with another move to significantly enlarged company premises.
  • In 2013, we changed our name to computermiete.de GmbH & Co. KG.



Computer rental


Even today, as an inexpensive computer rental company, we guarantee the latest technologies and the most modern devices for use at your events. Whether for training courses, software introductions, congresses, promotional tours or trade fairs, for election counts in local elections or upon hardware failure, we draw on our many years of national and international experience for every occasion.

A selected list of satisfied customers and events that relied on our technology and equipment:

  • Large cities and municipalities in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate during local elections
  • Large corporations from DAX and S&P 500 at events in Germany and all of Europe
  • Exhibition organisers, stand builders and exhibitors
  • Congress organisers

Commercial customers appreciate the possibility to borrow a single PC or notebook for the duration of an IT course, a vacation or a business trip. In order to be able to offer our customers up-to-date equipment, the equipment pool is constantly adapted to the latest technical requirements and renewed. Even with special requests we can usually find a solution.

We reliably provide you with exactly the required PC configuration with operating system, all drivers and, if desired, Microsoft Office pre-installed at the fixed agreed date. We also organize the transport to you or directly to your event. You will receive the equipment delivered at the desired time (and if desired, also set up) and after the end of the event you send it back to us or we organize the pickup (if desired, including dismantling) at your location. If necessary, on-site support by one or more of our technical staff for the entire duration of your event is of course also possible.

For licensing reasons, we are not allowed to rent user software other than Microsoft Office. However, we will be happy to install your software on request and for a fair fee if you provide us with it in advance, and we will also network the equipment. In this way, you will receive your systems “ready to plug in” and pre-configured.

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Our Team

Jens Rippberger

Managing Director


Christoph Jähne

Technician in-house and field service


Steffen Kalmus

Technician in-house and field service


Rainer Bast

Head of the workshop / technician


Also in the team:

Daniel Jänsch

Technician in-house and field service


Christian Schipfer

Incoming / outgoing goods


An excerpt from our satisfied customers, as well as events that we have equipped with our technology:


HONDA Germany

PORSCHE Germany GmbH


Deutsche Telekom

Daimler AG

Different universities

Various research institutes

Various television channels

Cities, municipalities for the European elections

Cities, municipalities for local elections

Rent suitable for your purpose
Lots of product updates and innovations
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Why should you rent from us?

Extensive product selection

Huge hardware selection ranging from high-performance notebooks to LED screens

Fit for purpose

Suitable product selection for trade fairs, home office, theatre and other events based on years of experience and user recommendation

Individual rental period
and variety of brands

Whether short-term or long-term rental, we have all leading manufacturers and a sufficient selection of equipment for the rental period in our range

Software and network service

Appropriate software installations or setup, dismantling, commissioning and on-site support for events make our service unique

Our top brands